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End of an Era: Reflecting on the Salt Lake Bees’ Departure

Jul 10, 2023 | Salt Lake City

There’s a certain air of nostalgia that washes over Salt Lake City these days. That’s because the beloved Salt Lake Bees, the Triple-A affiliate of Major League Baseball’s Los Angeles Angels, are preparing for a significant change. It’s not a roster shuffle or a logo redesign but rather a move that will take them from their familiar home at Smith’s Ballpark to new pastures at the south end of the Salt Lake Valley in Daybreak.

As a city resident or a die-hard Bees fan, you’re likely wondering why the team is making such a seismic shift. Like any significant change, the decision is a business decision the Larry H Miller group likely didn’t take lightly. While the Bees have enjoyed a rich history and unwavering support from the local community, there are broader horizons to explore. A move to a new city offers the potential for increased fan engagement, broader media coverage, and access to untapped commercial opportunities.

The plan is for the Bees to play out this and next season at Smith’s ballpark. With the hopes, their new stadium will be ready for the 2025 season. This gives fans ample time to soak up the current atmosphere, replete with the idiosyncrasies of Smith’s Ballpark and the familiarity of Salt Lake City before the team embarks on its new journey.

This period of transition offers a unique experience for baseball enthusiasts. There’s an enchanting charm to witnessing a team in its final seasons before a move, like capturing the last frames of a cherished era. Every game becomes a collectible memory, every cheer echoes with nostalgia, and every victory tastes a little sweeter.

In truth, there’s no better time to watch the Salt Lake Bees than now. As they prepare for their next chapter, each game is steeped in rich, bittersweet sentimentality. It’s a chance to celebrate the legacy of a team that has served as the backbone of Salt Lake City’s sports culture for decades.

Moreover, your support in this transitional phase provides a bolstering force for the players. It’s an affirmation that while geographies change, the love and dedication of their fans remain steadfast. Every ticket bought, every cap worn, and every cheer roared amplifies this sentiment.

So, come and create memories with the Salt Lake Bees before they buzz into new territory. Each game from now until the move is a part of history, you should want to be a part of. Your presence, cheers, and undying support will be the wind beneath the Bees’ wings as they fly to their new hive.

If you’d like to support the Bees, you’ll have six chances to do that this week.  The Bees are taking on the Las Vegas Aviators at Smith’s Ballpark every night from Tuesday July 18th through Sunday July 23rd.  Game time is 6:35 pm.

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