Fun Things to Do In SLC In the Fall

Sep 26, 2022 | Things to do in Utah

We recently talked about how to prep your home for the cool temps headed our way, but you still want to find time to get out and play this fall too. Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas have plenty to keep you busy in the evenings or just the weekends if you sometimes struggle to muster the energy to get out after a full day of work.

Football season SLC Homes

Football Season

For you sports fans out there, fall is synonymous with football season. The University of Utah football team has been pretty solid for the last few years, and it seems coach Whittingham and the team just keeps getting better. They made it to the Rose Bowl last year, so go out and support the Utes as they make another run for the top spot. 

And as long as we are talking sports, the Salt Lake Bees have home games through the end of September.
And Real Salt Lake has home games through early October, and is always a good time. 

Hiking trail SLC Homes

Mountain Hiking 

You could head up into the mountains to do a little hiking and check out the changing leaves. The cooler temps make for more pleasant hiking. Check out the Lake Blanche trail up Big Cottonwood Canyon. It’s a steep 6.4 -mile round trip hike but well worth the work to get there. A little farther up the canyon is another pristine lake. Desolation Lake is a 7.2-mile round-trip trek. If you need something a little less strenuous but still worth the view, Donut Falls across the road from the Desolation Lake trailhead is a short, fun hike the whole family can enjoy. 

Oktober fest SLC Homes


We’ve mentioned this in the past too, but Snowbird’s Oktoberfest runs every weekend through October and is always a great time. You don’t have to be a beer drinker to enjoy it. The food and entertainment are more than worth the drive up the canyon

Haunted Houses SLC Homes

Haunted Houses 

And, of course, since fall is synonymous with Halloween, check out one of the many haunted houses in the valley. Fear Factory, Nightmare on 13th, and Castle of Chaos are a few of the notable houses to go face your fears. 

Whatever you do this Fall, sports, hiking, or getting a little freaked out, we’ll see you out there.  

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