Good News for Salt Lake City home buyers!

I just read two articles about Salt Lake City as a place to live and Salt Lake City foreclosed homes.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune and Realty Trac, the number of home foreclosures in Salt Lake City is at it’s highest levels since the beginning of our downward trending real estate market.  Sounds like doom and gloom, but not if you’re renting and thinking about buying.

The second article came from which ranked Salt Lake City #5 out of 67 cities for quality of life.  Two key factors they used to determine this ranking were that “No market has a lower jobless rate for workers between the ages of 25 and 64 than Salt Lake City and only Washington has a larger share of homes with at least nine rooms.  One-fifth of Salt Lake City’s houses are that size.”

Our unemployment is low, you get a lot of home for the money and our foreclosures are at an all time high.  Our quality of life is great here, I wouldn’t live anywhere else!  And again, as I mentioned last week, interest rates are very low.

It’s a great time to buy Salt Lake City homes and condos!  Representing SLC Home Buyers is what I do best.  Let me know if I can help you.


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