Great Local Restaurants in SLC for St. Patrick’s Day

Mar 2, 2022 | Things to do in Utah

Over the last ten years, Utah has become the country’s fastest-growing state. As a result, Salt Lake City (or SLC for short) is now considered a “Boomtown,” which means it’s one of the country’s top 50 fastest-growing cities.

With great transportation, easy access to the great outdoors, friendly people, and overall affordability compared to other popular western cities, there are many reasons to move to SLC.

If you’re considering this move, you might be curious about the restaurants and culture. SLC may be a smaller U.S. city, but its people sure do know how to celebrate!

With St. Patrick’s day in SLC right around the corner, you’ll want to know about the best restaurants to visit for the holiday. 

St. Patrick’s Day In SLC: Best Restaurants

Only about six percent of Utah’s population has Irish heritage. However, because Irish immigrants helped build the state’s railroads in the 19th century, a lot of that culture remains and can be found in the city’s pubs.

Below you’ll find a list of three of the best Irish pubs in the city.

Piper Down Public House

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a pub that’s more lively than Piper Down Public House. This place truly has every type of entertainment you could ask for. Every day of the week features a different event or special!

At Piper, you’ll find trivia, live music, Karaoke, bingo, poker tournaments, and so much more. No matter the type of outing you’re looking for, chances are Piper has that going on sometime soon. Just check the schedule on their website to find out what’s taking place when.

Squatters Pub Brewery

More than 30 years old and a tried and true local favorite, Squatters Pub came to be after two friends went on a year-long pub crawl around the Northwest. What they realized was that Salt Lake was missing a local brewery to call their own.

Squatter’s locally-brewed, award-winning beers are sold in 20  states across the country. But the founders’ hearts remain loyal to their first location, which is right in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City.

A trip to this local favorite is not to be missed.

Flanagan’s On Main (That’s Main Street, Park City)

If the March 17th countdown on Flanagan’s website doesn’t scream “We love St. Patrick’s day!” then their extensive selection of authentic Irish fayre should.

At Flanagan’s, the whole team takes pride in being “as traditional as it gets.” They feature Guinness Draught on tap and specialize in pouring “the perfect pint.”

From Guinness, to the corned beef sliders and the Irish beef stew, Flanagan’s award-winning menu is sure to please.

Salt Lake City And You

If these restaurants got your mouth watering for St. Patrick’s Day in SLC, is a great resource to learn more about the city.

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