Moving to Salt Lake City?

Did you know that Salt Lake City is the largest city in Utah?   And yet we’re still a small city with a population of just over 200,000 citizens. 

We have some pretty unique places in our backyard too, like Big & Little Cottonwood Canyons, Red Butte Garden, City Creek Canyon and the Shore Line Trail. 

So, if you’re thinking about a change in scenery or starting a new adventure, keep reading for some of the reasons you might want to consider a move to Salt Lake City! 

1. The Overall Quality Of Life

There’s one statistic that can accurately display the quality of life in Salt Lake City:

Recently, Travel & Leisure named us the second friendliest city in the United States. 

You may wonder why this matters? 

Friendly people are happy people. Happy people are citizens who have good jobs, excellent quality of life, shorter commutes, and a generally sunnier disposition. 

So, why move to Salt Lake City? The overall quality of life in Salt Lake City is high!

2. The Great Outdoors 

In Salt Lake City, you have beautiful mountains as your backdrop. 

You’ll have public parks open year round. 

You’ll be able to ski and snowboard to your heart’s content, but I have to be honest, the slopes are a lot more crowded every year and the traffic on a powder day is just crazy.

Plus, there are five amazing national parks in the state, there’s Moab, the Uintah Mountains and we’re in the middle of the western US, so close to many great destinations! 

3. Living In Salt Lake City Is Somewhat Affordable

The cost of living in Salt Lake City is quite affordable in comparison to some larger cities. 

If you compare living here versus Los Angeles, for example, you’d need around $1,600 less per month for the same standard of living. 

You can find condos starting around $250,000 and homes for $350,000 and up, particularly starter ones. Finding the right real estate agent is key, though. 

4. Booming Economy 

The economy is booming in Salt Lake City. Our unemployment rate is lower than 3%! 

So good jobs are available with reputable companies and the average commute is around 21 minutes which is better than most big cities.

Just about everything in Salt Lake City is booming in line with its economy; we have good schools, great restaurants, and awesome nightlife.

5. Easy Transportation 

Traveling within Salt Lake City is easy, with good access to public transportation, Uber/Lyft and taxis, and bike lanes on many streets. 

International and national travel is also easily done from Salt Lake City International Airport, which is less than a 15 minute drive from downtown SLC, so you can get to wherever your heart desires or wherever your business needs you to travel to.

We Can Help You Move To Salt Lake City!

If Salt Lake City is on your list of places to move to, contact me, I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about life and the housing market in Salt Lake City.


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