Pie and Beer Day: Everything You Need to Know About This Utah Holiday

Jul 12, 2021 | Salt Lake City

Did you know that 42% of American drinkers prefer beer? And practically everyone loves to eat pie. So it shouldn’t be shocking that there’s a holiday that’s dedicated to both!

More specifically, Pie and Beer Day is celebrated right here in Utah. You might know it better as Pioneer Day, but one thing’s for sure: there are some great ways to satisfy your taste buds on this day.

Interested in hearing more? Here’s everything you need to know about Pie and Beer Day!

History of Pie and Beer Day

As we’ve just mentioned, Pie and Beer Day is also known as Pioneer Day. This is a state holiday that celebrates when the Mormon pioneers arrived in Salt Lake Valley back on July 24, 1847.

While Pioneer Day was celebrated yearly, Pie and Beer Day is a more recent holiday. As far as we know, the first organized Pie and Beer Day happened in 2014!

Interesting Facts About This Holiday

This holiday first started as a twist to Pioneer Day; go ahead, sound it out, and you’ll realize how similar they sound to one another!

Pie and Beer Day was meant to be an underground holiday that was a sort of counterculture. But as you can see, it’s become completely mainstream, especially in 2014 when KRCL 90.0 FM hosted the first official Pie and Beer Day. This event was held at Beer Bar in SLC, and the rest is history after that!

Since then, whenever July 24 rolls around, restaurants, breweries, and bars all band together to bring the best pairings available, complete with local craft beers.

There are also Pie and Beer Day activities to participate in. For instance, there are parades on Main Street for Pioneer Day that you can watch!

Best Places to Grab a Pie

If you’re in town for Pie and Beer Day in Salt Lake City, then you’ll want to know the best places to grab a pie. Here are our top picks:

But that’s not all. Feel free to walk around and discover other tasty pies waiting for you!

How to Celebrate in Your Own Home

Whether it’s because you’re quarantined at home, you want to share this holiday with your loved ones in the world, or you don’t like going out to drink or eat, you might be wondering how to celebrate in your own home.

Well, it’s simple! Just grab your favorite beer, bake a pie, and pig out while on a video conference with your family and friends. Or, if you can’t be bothered to bake, buy a pie or two from your local bakery and share it with your family at home.

Celebrate Pie and Beer Day 2021

So when July 24th comes around, happy Pie and Beer Day! As you can see, Pie and Beer Day has its roots in Utah history. While it first started as Pioneer Day, it’s a fun day to celebrate the pioneers and eat tasty pie washed down with some cold beer.

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