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Poem for the Holidays

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I hope you safely enjoy the holiday season
That you get outside even though it’s freezing
Call or Zoom with those you love, but won’t see
That you have some nice presents under the tree
May your holiday dinner be savory and warm
and the weather go your way, sunny or storm
Hope all your favorite teams win the games they are playing
And you have time to relax, you know what I’m saying
Let’s enjoy ourselves and be grateful for what we have
Despite the challenging year, that many of us have had
A week from Friday is New Years day 2021
Screw 2020, let’s hope next year is more fun!

Hope you enjoyed that!

FYI, in the next issue of the SLC Homes News, which will be out early next month, I’ll be reviewing market appreciation for homes and condos in Salt Lake County for the year 2020.  I have a feeling the numbers are going to be pretty crazy, so check it out!

Happy Holidays & Thank you!!!


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