Spruce Up Your Yard with Some Fun Yard Art

Aug 5, 2022 | Home Staging, Home Tips

You’ve spent a decent amount of time fixing up your yard and home, but want to add a little more style. You might add interest to your outside space by adding some garden décor and yard art. By incorporating some garden decor, even the loveliest of gardens can be improved. 

Establish A Focal Point 

If you have the means, installing a sizable statue in your yard creates a crystal-clear focal point. A focal point in your garden serves the same purpose as one in interior design, by drawing attention to the areas you wish to highlight. You can add dimension too by placing this statue in front of a pond, if you have it, where it can be reflected in the water. Even if your yard is small, you can still include one or two statues. Just be certain that the statue is large enough to be visible. Smaller ones can disappear into a flowerbed. A shorter statue that you love can be placed on a plinth or stand to add height and visibility. To provide a sense of surprise, place a statue in the center of the garden.

Create A Zen Space 

A Buddha statue will undoubtedly add a calm atmosphere to your garden. Or start building a large Zen Garden. Sand and stones are fairly inexpensive, and can quickly and easily add style to your yard or garden space. The simplicity of a Zen Garden can be very inviting.

Recreate Nature in your yard 

Not that your yard is not natural already, but throw some animal outdoor décor in your yard. We’re not talking plastic pink flamingos, unless that’s your thing. Make an effort to place them somewhere that appears natural, whether you choose to use that flamingo, some deer, or something else. And once again, make sure that your works of nature-inspired art are noticeable. 

Create Motion in your yard 

Add a wind sculpture to add some motion to your yard, like a wind vane or a small windmill. Your garden will get an additional dimension if you install yard art that rotates or moves with the breeze. Some metal wind sculptures will weather over time and give your landscape an ‘always been there’ appearance. A wind chime will add Motion and sound to your space. Go with a metal wind chime if you love that tinkling sound. Or, if you want a softer sound, look for a bamboo or wood wind chime. 

There are lots of great options when it comes to adding a little style to your yard. Whether you are creating sculptures out of your shrubs or adding new elements, play around and make it yours. Then let us know; we’d love to swing by and check it out.  

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