Things to Do in Utah for Labor Day Weekend

Sep 1, 2021 | Things to do in Utah

With the Great Salt Lake on one side and the Wasatch Range on the other, it’s no wonder that over 12 million visitors passed through Salt Lake City in 2019. 

No matter when you visit, Salt Lake City offers activities and events for all ages. And Labor Day weekend is a great time to explore everything this great city has to offer. 

If you’re looking for Labor Day activities in SLC, then be sure to keep reading!

1. Explore the Arts Scene

If concerts and festivals are something you look forward to each year, then Salt Lake City is the place for you. Get a taste of Polynesian culture at the annual Labor Day Luau or celebrate the state’s mining history in nearby Park City. 

One of the Labor Day highlights in Salt Lake City is the 2021 Urban Arts Festival. This Can’t-miss event includes music, dancing, shopping, and, of course, art. 

Not only does the Urban Arts Festival showcase local talent, support local businesses, and bring awareness of local talent, but it also includes interactive opportunities as well. Best of all, it’s free to attend!

2. Enjoy Nature

If there’s one thing most visitors think of when it comes to Utah, it’s the plentiful National Parks, hiking trails, and ski areas. But, depending on your level of adventure and physical fitness, there’s plenty of options for you and your family. 

The Red Butte Garden and Arboretum is a wonderful choice for families with small kids. And while it features five miles of hiking trails, it’s still accessible for anyone who wants to take a stroll. 

If you want to kick up the intensity, consider a hike up Mt. Olympus. At almost 8 miles round trip and over 4,000 feet of elevation gain, be sure to take plenty of water and food. Also, start early to avoid the mid-day heat. 

Other great hikes include Bell’s Canyon and Neff’s Canyon. 

3. Take In a Museum

The Natural History Museum of Utah has something for everyone, including geology, Native American history, and fossils. So if you want to escape the heat, be sure to add in a visit to its many exhibits. 

If astronomy is more up your alley, then you can’t miss the Clark Planetarium. It contains an IMAX theater, dome theater, and several exhibits to help you explore galaxies both near and far. 

4. Have a Beer

Salt Lake City has plenty of local bars where you can enjoy a drink after a day spent exploring. In fact, the local breweries feature craft beers and unique offerings to satisfy anyone’s tastebuds. 

And while there are many excellent choices in Salt Lake City itself, you can also go bigger by attending the Snowbird Grand Oktoberfest weekend in nearby Snowbird. Celebrate German culture in an unforgettable mountain setting while enjoying some of the best beer available. 

Is there any better way to end your Labor Day weekend than with a good meal, cold beers, and mountain views?

Labor Day Activities in SLC

No matter what your vacation style or preferences, there’s something for everyone in Salt Lake City. Nature lovers and city dwellers alike will find something to capture their interest in Utah this Labor Day Weekend. 

Your Labor Day activities in SLC don’t have to stop there! Contact me today if you want to turn your favorite vacation destination into your new home. Whether making a permanent move or buying a second home, I can help you make your dream a reality.   


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