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Using Zillow to determine real estate values in Salt Lake City and Utah

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had a couple clients ask me what their home was worth.  In both cases I came up with a value for their home based on the most recent sales of homes nearest and most similar to their home.

One home is in West Jordan and I determined that it was worth about $195,000.  They checked on Zillow.com and Zillow said it was worth about $220,000.  The home is worth $195,000.

The second home is in Holladay and the owner was concerned because Zillow said their home was worth $275,000.  I did an analysis of their home and it is worth about $360,000.

Utah is a non-disclosure state meaning that the sale price of homes are not public record.  As a result Zillow isn’t very accurate in determining your home’s value in Utah.  Zillow is a great resource, just not for determining the value of Salt Lake City and Utah homes.

An experienced Salt Lake City Realtor can determine your home’s value, the level of inventory in your area and advise you on what to do to help get your home sold.

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