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As most of you know I like to write poems
Short poetic stories about people and their homes
The places, faces and experiences had
Always about the good, the happy and the glad
So here is your August SLC Homes News
For sellers and buyers about my real estate views

The market is hot and so is the weather
If you are selling a home, it couldn’t get much better
If that’s something you’re considering, be sure to prepare
A couple coats of fresh paint, new flooring and repairs
Light fixtures, switch covers, curtains and blinds
Are some inexpensive fixes, that come to mind

Curb appeal counts, it’s your homes first impression
Installing a high end mail box, is one of my suggestions
Paint attractive colors on the trim and front door
And that’s just a start, you can do so much more

If your home faces the sun in the south or the west
Drought tolerant plants, in our climate grow best
Planting perennial bulbs in the Fall will bring
Colorful daffodils and tulips in the early Spring

Maybe you are considering buying a home
I’d really like to help, don’t go it alone
The service, education and experience I provide
Will have you saying, “The Dude Abides”

Interest rates are still very, very low
And housing inventory is rising, just so you know
New homes come on the market, every single day
The one for you could be coming your way

If you move in the fall before the inclement weather
You can spend the holidays, living much better
Prices usually flatten in the third and fourth quarter
It’s a natural thing that happens, as the days get shorter

Even if you don’t plan on buying or selling
And your plan is to stay put, in your current dwelling
Feel free to call me if you have any questions
If you need a contractor, I can make a few suggestions

Enjoy the rest of the summer and the hot sunny weather
I hope all is good with you, and it’s getting even better!
And thank you for reading the SLC Homes News
I really like sharing these real estate views



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