Top Summer Activities in Utah You Should Do

Jul 29, 2021 | Things to do in Utah

Utah is a stunning state with some of the most impressive landscapes in all of the United States. The Beehive State is rightly admired for its natural beauty and range of incredible summer activities to enjoy. In addition, surveys have found that Utahans are the most charitable people in the US, so it’s no surprise that you’ll feel completely welcomed during a trip to Utah.

In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the top summer activities in Utah that you can do with family and friends. From exploring national parks to visiting incredible museums to hiking and camping, there is no limit to the amazing experiences you can have in Utah.

Visit National Parks

No visit to Utah is complete within a visit to at least one of the state’s national parks. The ‘Mighty 5‘ national parks in Utah are Canyonlands National Park, Capitol Reef National Park, Arches National Park, Zion National Park, and Bryce Canyon National Park.


Each of these national parks is specular in its own way, offering incredible views and the opportunity to spend some quality time with Mother Nature. For many visitors to Utah, the ultimate journey is to visit each of these five national parks. It is an incredible road trip with the opportunity to truly experience this majestic state’s landscape.

Visit Museums

Visitors to Utah will be spoiled with the array of museum options, each full of exhibits about Utah’s history, culture, and traditions. Must-see museums include the National History Museum of Utah, the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, and the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art.

If you are interested in dinosaurs, you will love the National History Museum, which features a wonderful collection of specimens, numbering nearly 30,000 in total. A visit here definitely ranks as one of the best things to do in Utah.

Hiking and Camping Trails

It will come as no surprise by now that Utah has some excellent hiking trails and camping spots. For fans of hiking, it’s hard to go wrong with a visit to Neff’s Canyon, Mt. Olympus, or Bell’s Canyon. However, looking for camping opportunities in Utah, look no further than Bountiful Peak Campground or Perception Park Campground.

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Discover the Best Summer Activities In Utah for Yourself

As you can see, there any many wonderful summer activities in Utah that you can do this year. There is no end to the fun things to do in Utah, and you will always feel welcomed by the state’s residents.


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